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Making all your PLAYces educational, intentional, natural and INSPIRING!

Designing PLAYable landscapes that activate bodies, engage minds, and bring nature to urban-bound spaces. 

At PLAYceMaker our goal is to identify your project's unique spirit. Then we collaborate with you and your stakeholders to give life and voice to your vision through our many-faceted design lens. We are a culture of educators, thinkers, artists, and makers who believe in the power of play, the giftedness of all children, and the necessity of magic

Children the world over have a right to a childhood filled with beauty, joy, adventure, and companionship. They will grow toward ecological literacy if the soil they are nurtured in is rich with experience, love, and good examples.  Alan Dyer (A Sense of Adventure)

Uniquely Yours!
Creating PLAYces
                  for Everyday Wonder...


Revealing Your Vision, Defining Your Needs

Is it a playable landscape, an outdoor or nature classroom, an interactive and educational exhibit, embedding STEAM initiatives outdoors, or another type of nature-infused opportunity you want to offer the chidlren you serve and educate? Once your need is defined, we'll help you fully articulate your unique vision. 



  Artistry and Function

We use your remarkable story to guide us in designing your elements and spaces. Each will have a strong relation to the other and create a flow and movement through your space that inspires experience, emotion, connection, relationship, and opportunity.



Concept to Completion

We support you in a myriad of ways throughout the stages of your project. Be it suggesting ideas for fundraising, helping you locate a contractor, supplying a contractor, helping you to arrange volunteer work days, training your staff - we're there for you well before the groundbreaking to beyond the ribbon-cutting ceremony. 

playground with natural elements

Explore Projects


Want to know what our PLAYces look like? Our PLAYceFOLIO is packed with before and after photos, in-progress photos, and artistic renderings of projects designed by Vicky Flessner. 


Children learn best through their everyday experiences with the people they love and trust, and when the learning is fun. And the best place for these experiences is outdoors, in the natural world.   Center for Families, Communities, Schools and Children's Learning

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