"A rarity, unusualness, specialness, unpredictability and incongruity - these are all things that intrigue youngsters. To come upon something that cannot be immediately categorized stretches the limits of a child, again opening the way for a multitude of interpretations." 

From the article  Magical Playscapes 

by Joe Frost and James Talbot

            Nashville is a booming southern city.  But even before she became the “It” city, the downtown core had a bustling metropolitan presence.  Downtown commerce meant the need for downtown child care for working parents.  In 1990,...

September 21, 2016

My teaching team at Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool where I was director for 24 years nicknamed me "Magpie" due to my extreme attraction to all things sparkly. As it often turns out, beliefs we have assumed to be true need further research to determine their...

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March 3, 2017

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